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May 30
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This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated! Judging will commence soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Ready to win my money once again? :eager: It's time for another OC contest, this time featuring Nia, Iso, and Anzu all together!

:star: Objective :star:

Draw all three girls (Nia, Iso, and Anzu) together. It's just that easy.

:star: Character Info :star:

:bulletwhite: Nia :bulletwhite:
Nia Ref by Miss-It-Girl .:come to bed:. by Miss-It-Girl COMMISH:NIA(COMPLETE) by zipskyblue.:lovely abyss:. by Miss-It-Girl

Age: 18
Ability: spatial magic (aka teleportation)

Nia is Iso's twin sister, and despite being born just minutes earlier, she is very much the "older sister" type. While generally being rather caring, there is a tiny bit of sadism in her (directed primarily towards Iso and Anzu). Teasing Iso about a love interest, or flipping up Anzu's dress to show off "that cute little butt" is all fine entertainment for Nia :iconteheplz: It's all harmless fun though, as she would never truly hurt her friends.

Nia is the only one in the group to have actual love experience (Yeah, remember Alec? It's okay if you don't. Male characters aren't as fun to draw so I've done nothing with him. He just lives in my head :iconsadcraiplz:) As such, Iso and Anzu will often seek advice from her (They've yet to actually secure boyfriends of their own. Iso has the most promise in that situation though, huehuehue :eyes:)

Nia is extremely fond of cats. And cake. But mostly cats. Yeah :XD: She can also teleport through the use of her Abyss, an amorphous blob she can summon. Nia speaks to/about her Abyss as if it is a sentient being. Whether or not this is true remains unknown.

:bulletblack: Iso :bulletblack:
.:tsun-deer-e:. by Miss-It-Girl .:honeycomb:. by Miss-It-Girl .:It's not like I enjoy this or anything:. by Miss-It-Girl.:sisters:. by Miss-It-Girl

Age: 18
Ability: Illusion magic

Short temper, simply can't be honest with her feelings... Iso is tsundere to the core Kirino Kousaka (Tsundere) [V1]  Coupled with her slight naivety and overactive imagination, it's pretty clear why Nia likes to tease her. You're bound to get an adorably explosive reaction :icongeeheeplz:

Iso has an apparent thing for asymmetry in her clothing and hair. A certain shinigami would be annoyed to no end with her :iconteheplz:

Iso is capable of projecting illusions. These are usually horrifying in nature (Think of sunken eyes and a mouth full of sharp fangs) and tend to be unleashed when she's upset. You wouldn't want to be the "idiot" on the receiving end of that :iconlolipoutplz::iconslapuplz:

:bulletred: Anzu :bulletred:
 .:Anzu:. by Miss-It-GirlAnzu Ref by Miss-It-Girl Tome Thief Anzu-Chwan by Damaged927CE: the making of chocolate covered jalapenos by Skunkyfly

Age: 18
Ability: Fire and water magic

The twins' good friend, Anzu is honest and cheerful, albeit prone to being a bit air-headed and clumsy at times. Despite being the same age as Nia and Iso, she is often mistaken for someone younger. This is due to her "modest" build, adorable demeanor, and taste in very cutesy clothing.

Anzu loves spicy food, particularly hot peppers. Her tolerance for heat is quite remarkable. She is also capable of wielding both fire and water magic (something that is rare for Devils.) She has yet to fully control either though so sometimes things can get a bit out of hand ("Oh no! I burnt my textbooks again!") :noes: Anzu is very sensitive towards her trident, and gets quite upset if it is referred to as a "pitchfork". She's also obsessed with hats and is rarely seen without one. She's a rather strange girl :XD:

:star: Rules :star:

  • Create an entry featuring Nia, Iso, and Anzu. All three girls need to be included in some way :dummy:
  • When you are completed, upload your work to your deviantArt gallery and send me a NOTE with your entry. If you leave it on my front page or in this journal, I may miss it.
  • Only one (1) entry per person.
  • It must be 100% your own work (meaning no collaborations or using other peoples' bases).
  • Accepted entries: Digital or traditional drawings/paintings; Comic/manga pages; Pixel art; Animation
  • Unaccepted entries: Literature; Artisan crafts (including costumery/cosplay); Photomanipulation. I am in no position to judge those things, plus I would like to keep the playing field as even as possible for contestants :nod:
  • No traces, copies or reproductions, or else I will rain fire and brimstone down upon you :rage:
  • It has to be a work made for this contest. This means the picture needs to be submitted to your gallery after this journal's post date. It also means that you cannot enter a picture I commissioned as it was not made for this contest.
  • Please make life easy for me and mention somewhere (like the title, or description) that your entry is indeed made for this contest. Otherwise I may consider it simply as gift art.

:star: Prizes :star:

  • First Place: $100 USD I will pay this out through PayPal. If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (8000).
  • Second Place: $50 USD I will pay this out through PayPal. If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (4000).
  • Third Place: $25 USD I will pay this out through PayPal. If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (2000).

:star: Judging :star:

  • The winners will be whichever ones capture my fancy the most. That should be obvious.

:star: Deadline :star:

  • The deadline is 17-August-2014 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. You can check the timezone here.

:star: FAQ :star:

  • Q: Can I join?
  • A: Yes, everyone is welcome to join. There is no need to ask permission. Really. You do not need my personal blessing to join so please do not nag me for it. Just make your entry and join.
  • Q: Can my entry be digital or traditional?
  • A: You can create your entry in whatever visual medium you choose (so long as it abides by the rules of accepted entries). You don't get "extra points" for using one type of medium or an other.
  • Q: Does it have to be colored (or full-body, or anime-styled, etc)?
  • A: Create your entry however you see fit. Use whatever artistic style you are most comfortable with. I'm not going to tell you how to draw :XD:
  • Q: Can I draw the girls with one of my own characters?
  • A: Sure! If you'd like to include one of your own OC's in your entry, go right ahead.
  • Q: Can I change their outfits/hairstyles?
  • A: Yes! Please be advised though that the girls still need to be recognizable as themselves or your chances of winning are pretty much zero :hmm: (In other words, don't send me a girl with short blue hair and tell me that it's Nia simply because you stuck antlers and bells on her :XD:)
  • Q: Can I enter more than once?
  • A: No. Only one entry per person this time.
  • Q: Can I draw the girls as wolves/ponies/cats/dinosaurs/etc?
  • A: No. Please respect their designs and keep them humanoid. No animal renditions of any kind, be it anthro/furry or regular old four-legged critters. :aww:
  • Q: Can I draw genderbent versions of the girls?
  • A: No. They are young women, not men. Please keep them that way.
  • Q: Can my entry contain Mature Content?
  • A: No excessive violence or nudity, please. Mild ecchi (panty-shots, underwear/swimwear) is fine, but no in-your-face exposed boobs or vagina shots. No "conveniently censored" sexual situations either. Basically, if you wouldn't be comfortable showing your entry to your mother or viewing it out in the open at work, then it's probably too explicit :XD:
  • Q: I'm not happy with my current entry. Can I edit it, or submit a new one?
  • A: If you want to edit your entry, or just submit a different one instead, that is totally fine with me. Just notify me of the changes and such. And, obviously, make sure you do so before the deadline :nod:
  • Q: Do the girls need to be interacting with each other?
  • A: No, they simply need to all be included in one image. You could submit something like this: Ringsugazer by Damaged927 or .:Kay Dash Oh En:. by Miss-It-Girl and it would be acceptable.
  • Q: Do the girls like/dislike *insert specific thing here*?
  • A: The write-ups provided here contain all the real key information you need. Listing each girls' favorite/least favorite food, animal, color etc, or how they would react to various specific scenarios is not only a massive waste of my time, it's also unnecessary. Try to remember that you are creating one piece of visual art, not writing an in-depth thesis :XD: These are cute, cheerful, well-adjusted young women, so you can safely assume that they will enjoy any sort of fun activity you can think of. Your entry cannot contain excessive violence, nudity, or sexual content anyways, so that just leaves you with safe, family-friendly activities :XD:
    TL;DR Yeah, they probably like whatever thing you're suggesting, so just draw it!

:star: Entries :star:

You can find the entries in this collection :dummy:

:star: Questions? :star:

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask me in either a note or a comment here :nod: Make sure to read everything first though! I didn't spend hours putting this journal together for nothing.

:star: Lastly, a word to the wise :star:

Remember, this contest isn't a race. You pretty much have all summer to work on your entry. Resist the urge to cut corners or rush through it, and show me what $100 worth of your time, effort, and creativity truly is :meow: I look forward to your wonderful entries! :eager:
CLOCK IS TICKING! Go Go go! Hurry!
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Is it closed yet? 
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natsukiichi Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2014… Yush Im done! Did I make it ?
Miss-It-Girl Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Thank you so much! :love: To be fair to all contestants, I will be commenting on the entries once the contest is over.

Good luck, and thanks for entering! :meow:
knaofelismino Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope I make it. Here's my entry:

Good luck to everyone~!
Miss-It-Girl Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Thank you so much! :love: To be fair to all contestants, I will be commenting on the entries once the contest is over.

Good luck, and thanks for entering! :meow:
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Just noted my entry but just incase the note gets eaten by DA…
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Thank you for giving us this opportunity!
Miss-It-Girl Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Thank you so much! :love: To be fair to all contestants, I will be commenting on the entries once the contest is over.

Good luck, and thanks for entering! :meow:
DENISEABIOG7 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad I was able to make it!~ phew** Thanks for this!
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